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Hello to everyone,in the next day or two i am planing to do paint job to my living room.

I never did this kind of thing on my own,so i would like input and opinion from you guys/ladies.

We would like to paint our living room almost all white with 1 or maybe even 2 walls in different colour.

The wall behind tv will be dark green but me and my wife are undecided should we paint the wall behind the couch green aswell,since we are afraid it would shorten the room or give it a weird look.

On the wall behind the couch we would put black picture frames as decoration,and maybe even a black bookshelf with some books and classy decoration.

Couch will be changed in a years or so,coffee table aswell.The kids stuff next to tv will be removed to kid new bedroom.

Pictures i atached with imgur link contains a picture of my living room,and the green paint that we chosed.Its photografed with wide angle camera just so i can capture the whole space thus making it looking a bit weird.

Pictures here :

Painting tips i got so far from youtube are (clear everything,clean the walls,cover the outlets and the edges of floor,cover the floor with plastic so it doesnt ruin that wooden floor.2 roller,1 bigger,1smaller, 2 brushes,1 small,1 bigger,buckets,ladder,some tape to cover edges.)Anything else would help a lot.

Lastly if you have idea for curtain colours please go ahead and tell us since it would help us greatly.

I am sorry about grammar(not English native speaker),and we appreciate any help given here.

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