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One of many covid projects, we wanted to re-do our pantry, remove the crappy wire shelves and get rid of the hideous brown walls.

Started by taking out all the wire shelves, then filling the holes, sanding and cleaning the wall. Put up the wallpaper, and then got started on the frame for the shelves.

Frame is built of 2x2s screwed into studs where possible. Top is 0.75″ plywood, bottom is 0.25″ with a 1×3 on the front so that you don’t see the bottom of the frame. Cut all of the 2x2s and 1x3s with a miter saw. Had Home Depot do the plywood cause it was much faster and probably straighter than me doing it with the circular saw.

Fitting the plywood pieces on took a lot longer than anticipated as I had them cut a little bit bigger than necessary (meant to err on the side of larger when I had Home Depot cut them, but maybe did a bit too much cause then I had to make them a bit smaller to eliminate overhang. Once I had everything fitting how I wanted it, I primed and painted the first coat, then glued/nailed it in.

Filled in all the nail holes, sanded once more for good measure, and caulked the gaps before a second coat of paint. While I was at it I re-painted the pantry door and added baseboard as there wasn’t any for some reason.

All in, I expected it to take a week but it took about 2 weeks working at it here and there in the evenings. Can’t find all my receipts, but easily less than $1000 CDN. Biggest expense was the wood and the wallpaper.

Very happy with how it turned out, feels very sturdy and looks a million times better than the wire shelves. I have stood on the lower shelves while putting together the top ones and it didn’t collapse…no more need to worry about loading up with too many canned goods. I love the wallpaper that my wife picked out too!

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