Patti’s Garden Before and After

Today we’re visiting Patti’s garden in Guilford, Connecticut.

Growing up, I read about a garden like this while sitting on the floor in Accra, Ghana. Now in America, I have the world at my feet. My God, nothing is impossible. I can stay up all night working away as I try to implement in my garden every little dream I read about. My neighbors already think I am crazy, and I love it.

I purchased this home in 2016. I want everyone to know it is absolutely possible to be very self-reliant and to have a beautiful garden on one income when planned strategically.

garden before photoThe landscape at Patti’s house before she started gardening there.

backyard with pool before landscapingAnd here’s a “before” photo of the backyard. It was a fixer-upper!

fence panel downAnother “before view”—there was definitely a lot of work to be done!

masses of yellow and pink tulipsThe garden after Patti transformed it, with masses of tulips bringing lots of spring color.

garden with a formal styleWhite fences, containers, and lots of neatly trimmed conifers create an elegant, refined garden space.

front yard before garden landscapingThe front of the house before …

front yard garden with lots of plants… and after, now filled with beautiful plants.

driveway lined with plantsThe driveway is now lined with plants, and there is the promise of a beautiful garden at the end. I can’t believe how much work Patti has put into transforming this space!

hanging baskets on a fenceAt the end of the drive, baskets full of flowers hanging on the fence greet everyone as they go past.

To see more of Patti’s gardening efforts, check out her instagram: @pattisguilfordgardenct


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