People who DIY remodeled your their kitchen, do you wish you had hired out?

TL;DR Trying to decide if I should DIY my new kitchen or just contract out. Wondering if those with experience could talk me in or out of it either way.

Superfluous prologue: My wife and I are buying our first house and the only thing we really settled on was the kitchen. It's nice just a little smaller than we had hoped for. There is a lot of space that it can be expanded to though (it opens to a breakfast area which opens to a living area, so we could just cannibalize part of the breakfast area)

What we plan to do: (link to 3d models of proposed changes for clarity) So the plan is to remove a peninsula, extend the counter a little, add a couple more cabinets over the extended counter and add a big island for some more storage, as well as a pot rack above the island. I assume this would mean replacing the existing granite though. Another note is that the floors are a nice hardwood that we would keep.
Extras: I would also like to add a Pot filler faucet if possible and a true exhaust over range (in which case i would replace microwave with a drawer microwave in the island)

The question: Is this something I could DIY? I have done some smaller DIY projects before and do maker projects in free time. I have never attempted something like this though. I do have a few family members around me that are a bit more experienced in bigger DIY projects. This does not seem like a huge undertaking to me, (aside from the pot filler and exhaust). Moving the dishwasher shouldn't be that hard because it is on that same wall, just moving closer to the sink. I feel like the biggest hurdle would be getting electricity into the island.

Why I'd like to DIY: the cost will be the biggest factor in when this gets done. We don't like the idea of financing this so would have to save up the full amount in cash for this project. If I could cut cost significantly by DIYing I would be able to do this remodel likely a few years sooner.

What do y'all think?

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