Previous owner did a hack job of renovating the shower. What can I salvage? : HomeImprovement

I bought this house recently with a renovated master bath. Only after I bought it did I realize that the shower drain isn’t connected to the plumbing. When I went to Home Depot to look for pieces to install a p trap to the existing shower drain, I realized that the previous contractor used a no caulk drain that was meant to be used ONLY with a shower pan and NOT a tile shower which this is. This also explains why I didn’t see the protrusion of any waterproof membrane into the drain space, because this type of drain setup isn’t meant to be used with a membrane.

Needless to say, this is all extremely sketchy.

Is there any way to additionally waterproof this shower now that the tile has been laid?

Should I just connect the p trap, start using it, and hope for the best?

Picture of the drain

Drain Grate

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