Project post – partial first floor makeover: Paint and floors refinishing : HomeImprovement – link to album.


Painted main floor and kitchen grey (SW Grey Screen #7071, cashmere flat) from beige and changed floors from natural stain and gloss finish to a grey/dark brown (75% Jacobean/25% aged barrel minwax stain) and Bona mega one satin water based polyurethane finish. Replaced couch.

After about a year in the builder beige main floor we wanted to change things up to a lighter color and more modern look. Decided on a light tone grey, which sent us down a rabbit hole of trying to figure out the right grey. After looking at about 12-15 greys, gray screen, which is a cool blue undertone grey won out. Spent a few days in my spare time running around putting drywall mud over the numerous nail holes and any really bad spots. The drywall is in not the best shape and whoever did the initial taping and mudding did not know how to do butt joints because you can see every piece of drywall and where it starts and ends. Also nail holes. I didn’t bother filling those in since I am bit lazy and most people don’t notice it as much as me. After spackling I went over the wall with a 9” sander to level everything a bit and knockoff old drips and ridges. Take off outlets, vent covers, thermostats, doorbells ringers, security things, curtains/blinds, etc. Don’t be that homeowner!

This was the 2nd paint endeavor of the house and this time around I watched a lot more video on how to cut properly and it paid off a lot. In the rooms I did before the cutting was sloppy and best and this time it was pretty good, with only a few area that are “too much” on the ceiling.

Cost breakdown:

5 gallons cashmere: ~$240 – there’s a lot leftover for touchups.

Assortment of brushes (angled and straight) and rollers (3/8” nap 9”), extension poles, sanding pole and sheets ~$100

Aluminum work platform for cutting in ceiling: $79

We were quoted about 650 for labor only on this job, would have been reasonable but with 3 people the job was done in a day.

Floors: $2.50/sqft – $1250 total While I enjoy DIY projects and don’t hire out much, sanding the floors and refinishing was not something I wanted to do. Emailed about 7 different floor refinishers in the area for quotes. 4 got back to me, 1 came out and 3 gave estimates with pictures. The area is only about 450 sq ft and is one big rectangle with 2 small “hallways” for doors in/out and to basement with a closet. Quotes came in between 2.40-3.25 sqft. When talking with the contractors it was important to see what was included in the base price and what was extra. Some places charged more for trendy colors like white/grey/black, others charged more for custom blending, or a 3rd poly coat.

Once we had the date picked the process was 2 days, 1 for sanding and staining, 1 for final poly coats. The house smelled pretty bad for about a week after and it lingers for a week or two after that.

Finishing touch was the couch, which fits the area much more nicely that the large sectional which took up a ton of room on the front wall near the bay window.

Total cost for the project (including couch): approximately 2569

Hope you enjoy the album and work description.

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