Pulled off my 5” tall baseboard in the bathroom and there’s a 3” gap between the drywall and the floor. How do I properly seal this up to prevent drafts? Cut strips of dry wall, tape to existing drywall and then caulk the seam between floor and new strip? : HomeImprovement

I’ve always wondered why it was so drafty in the bathroom. Now I know since this bathroom has two walls on the exterior of the house.

I’m picturing cutting 3” x wall length strips of drywall and screwing them to the studs. Taping the drywall to drywall seam and then caulking the seam between the flooring and the drywall strip before attaching new baseboard.

Does this sound right? Or do I need to mud the strip texture paint and all that as well?

Keep in mind this seam will all be behind the new baseboards.

EDIT: forgot to put the little drawing I made: https://ibb.co/nQn3Vgb

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