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Hi All! I have a pump house about 100 feet from our house that is fed by a 4-conductor 10 gauge wire to a subpanel. I recently added the sub because the wiring was a huge mess out there, secured with just wire nuts, dangling outlet (no gang boxes). The problem with it is that there is a short to ground. As this is a direct burial cable, no clue where the short is at. I did have to cut back a good portion of that cable in the pump house because it was burned in multiple spots up to about 2 feet coming up from the ground. This was discovered when I replaced the jet pump and wanted to run the new pump on 240V. The previous owners or whoever did the work left a line hot at the subpanel at the house. So, the new pump is wired on 120V and the short-to-ground wire is now isolated.

My question is this: can a ground rod be used so I can have both 120 and 240 out there instead of running new cable? Ideally, I would run a new cable, and probably will when I finish all the other projects. But in the interim, would a ground rod be acceptable? The only reason for 120V is for a small ceramic heater (for winter) and eventually a light.

Instead of a running a new cable back to the house, would it be acceptable to run it to a Siemens TL137US RV Panel with 4 extra circuit breaker slots? This looks to be wired with a 6-gauge triplex underground distribution cable and a ground rod next to it. This is only about 50 feet or so from the pump house and directly across from the garage.

To give a big picture of how everything was wired here:

200A service at the house (Main) –> 100A subpanel in the detached garage (tied direct to main lugs using two-4-conductor 10 gauge cable ran in parallel–no conduit) –> RV Panel.

Subpanel (inside house) has the 30A double pole breaker for the pump house (the black feed line is isolated and disconnected).

The garage is between the house and the pump house and the RV panel is on the same side of the dirt driveway as the pump house (directly across from the garage).

Here is a link to a quick and rough schematic I drew up that resembles what I described for how everything is wired:


Thanks a ton for any help!

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