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Hello all,

I recently embarked on a mission to make some unused attic space useful. I cut a hole in my ceiling, framed and joisted the opening, installed a ladder, added some lights and bought a bunch of OSB to put down as a floor. It’s this last step that leads to my question.

I’m planning to deck the entire attic with OSB, but there is all this seemingly extraneous wood throughout the attic that would necessitate a great deal of cutting and fitting of the new floorboards. I’m no schmuck, so I’m not about to start yanking potentially important wood out of my house. But I was wondering if anyone here could tell me what any of these pieces of wood do. Do they all serve a purpose? Are they just leftover bracing from construction that nobody bothered to remove? Are there any that I can remove?

Here are pictures of the attic space, with each piece of wood in question labelled with a letter for ease of explanation:

Please note, it’s hard to tell but the top of the one labelled “I” isn’t even attached to anything, it’s just wobbling freely.


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