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Hello folks, Just a quick question about Load Bearing Walls.

As I understand, the floor and ceiling beams on a house logically would be designed to have the shortest span. This is to say that if your house is rectangular in plan, the timber floor beams / ceiling beams and hence trusses have to span in the direction that gives the shortest span which would be what ever span is parallel to the shortest side of the rectangular span. This of course, because shorter spans are give less deflection and allow us to save on material costs by using smalle sections etc.

With that being said, does it follow that the wall that separates the two houses in a semi detached house are necessarily NOT load bearing? since semi detached houses are rectangular in plan, and that wall that separates two houses in a semi detached house hence MUST be parallel to floor / ceiling joists since the shortest span is the same direction as that wall that separates a semi detatched house.

Just a thought Im having based on limited information, I’m trying to guess which walls are load bearing based only on an architectural floor plan of one side of a semi detached house.

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