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Sorry this question is so basic, somehow I’m still confused on how my door/gap measurements correspond to the thickness/width of weatherstripping. Can anyone shed light on to my exact confusion here?

I want to put some weatherstripping around my door; it has a huge gap around the sides and lets in a ton of hot and cold air. I have weather stripping (this type of product I mean), but I’m a little confused about what measurements to rely on from the door, when purchasing more of this stuff. There are two things to consider when buying these things: 1. the width of the weatherstripping, 2. the thickness/height of the foam. As I understand, the corresponding measurements for these things are a. the width of the door jam (to determine width of the weatherstripping), and b. the width of the gap between the door and jam (to determine thickness of foam).

Here’s my confusion: From what I understand, I need to place the weatherstripping so that the door shuts ONTO the foam part (not placing it on the side/inside of the door jam – flush with the door – where the actual gap is). That’s where I get confused. Let’s say the gap between my door and the door jam is 1/2”. Since I’m not placing the weatherstripping on the inside part of the door jam, where the actual gap is, I guess I don’t understand how getting say 1/2” thick weatherstripping would correspond to that 1/2” wide gap (it would make sense that the WIDTH of the weatherstripping would correspond to the size of the gap – but not the foam thickness). Secondly, for the width of the weatherstripping – which is supposed to be based on the width of the door jam – should the weatherstripping be exactly the width of the door jam, or a little less? Not sure what would be optimal. Thank you!

I hope my question makes sense. I apologize for how basic this is.

This is the tutorial which mentioned which measurements to take. “First, how wide is the gap between the door and jamb? Second, how wide is the jamb? While the answer to the first question tells you how thick the weatherstripping you purchase can be, the second answer reveals how wide.”

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