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The roofing crew just left after putting on a whole new roof on my townhome, and 95% of it looks great. But I have a low slope section where my lower roof meets my neighbor’s unit. It used to be covered with a black sheeting material and I wanted it replaced. This morning, I found out they had no intention of touching it. I called the office and they agreed to replace it (as it was stated in the quote). The whole reason I chose these contractors was because the salesman was the only person to intelligibly address this section and say they would replace it the right way.

Here is what they did.

Am I crazy if I don’t want to accept it the way it is? Here are my issues:

  • The color. My HOA is very particular about color matching, so if they find out this section is now white they could fine me $50 a day until it’s fixed. Almond versus driftwood I could get away with, but they went from black to white.

  • The shingles were cut way too short. They used to go all the way to the edge of the water channel. Now they were cut 8 inches shorter for some unknown reason. And the cut seems very sloppy.

  • The seams where it meets the gutter. No idea what that is or what is sealing it, but I am concerned it will fail much sooner than the rest of the roof. This is above my living room.

I called the roofer’s office and at first thing they said is that they’d have someone call me to “explain it better”. I’m not interested in an explanation, I just want it done the way I specified 4 months ago. But I also don’t want to be rude – they have been good to work with so far.

If you agree it looks wrong, any tips on how to follow with this? So far I have only paid the $1000 deposit. I have not yet been invoiced for the remaining $7000 for the roof replacement.

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