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I’m condo shopping at the moment, and recently viewed a place that has cement composite siding. The eaves at the front of the building are also made with some sort of “green” material (not wood). I noticed that there are small gaps between each piece of the siding, and also in the boards used to construct the eaves. Details here:

I asked the realtor about it, and he said that it’s necessary to leave small gaps between these materials because they swell in the summer (it’s currently winter where I live, with average temps in the 30s). As I’m not familiar with this material, does this sound reasonable to anyone? I grew up watching my handy father do home improvement, and to my discerning eye this just doesn’t “look” right (but I don’t know for sure).

(NOTE: The inspection wouldn’t be completed for a few months yet since the construction inside the building is still underway.)

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