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I am preparing to embark on a large hardwood flooring installation in my ranch home that will end up covering most of the floorspace. I’ll be installing nail-in 3 1/4 x 3/4 inch unfinished red oak (and paying a pro to finish it). I’ll have a couple experienced friends helping out, but i have some questions on strategy. This is part of a larger renovation where we are having a contractor renovate our kitchen.

  1. We are going to rip out the currently installed laminate planks and underlayment. Here is where it gets tricky. Under that current floor is some kind of old laminate sitting on a plywood base. That laminate and the glue fastener tested positive for asbestors. Multiple flooring installers have advised the easiest course of action is to nail hardwood over it and encapsulate it. I plan on taking that route but installing the wood myself. Other than utilizing a gas-powered nailer that penetrates the plywood subfloor sufficiently, are there any steps I need to take to get the hardwood fastened properly?

  2. Our plan is to install this flooring essentially from one end of our house to the other, from our kitchen down a hallway into a bedroom. My major concern is that this is a 60-foot distance, and I don’t want to end up with crooked floors. Are there best practices for dealing with this kind of distance continuously? Is the best approach to nail down my first run right in the middle all the way across and work out towards the walls (blue line)? I’ve included a picture below for reference.

Thanks for any advice!

Installation area floor-plan:

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