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We moved into our house 95-year-old house a little less than a year ago and have had a bunch of projects planned — one of which was the late-80s main bathroom. We are having a baby in August, so we know that whatever we don’t get done before then, will probably be put on hold for a year or more. The worst thing about the old bathroom was the toilet. It had a super weak flush and we were initially only going to replace that, but decided it would also be nice to update the floor, vanity, etc. We left the tub & surround as is although we did re-caulk.

I initially did a mini-facelift about six months ago which included new mirror, light fixture, towel bar, & tp holder plus added some peel & stick paper to cover the melamine vanity. You can see here.

Material breakdown:

Tile: Floor & Decor: ~$120 for 30sqft

Vanity – Costco: on sale for $449 (free delivery)

Toilet – Home Depot: $150

Mirror – Amazon: $50

Light Fixture – Amazon: $70

Towel bar – Amazon: $20

Tp holder – Amazon: $12

Squatty potty – had for years. Was half-off due to flaw in stain: $30

Trim – local lumber supply. We had extra from kitchen reno: maybe ~$20?


Light fixture, mirror, towel bar, & tp holder installation: free (minus my time)

Tile, plumbing, trim, & hauling: ~$1300

Total: ~$2,225



We could have done all the labor ourselves, but we’ve been a bit squeezed for time & energy (pregnant, both of us started new jobs in the last couple weeks, balancing social life now that we’re vaccinated, etc.) so we decided to hire a handyman because he said he could do it in three days. It did end up taking three days, but we’re not ecstatic about the tile work. The spacing is off even though he used spacers, and there’s definite lippage on a lot of the tiles. We won’t be using this guy again (he previously did some other general carpentry for us) because he lacks attention to detail. You pay what you get for. In this case, we got fast & cheap. We’ll eventually redo the tile ourselves (slow & cheap), but in the meantime, it’s really only noticeable to me and I can live with it.

Edited to add: We did not end up paying the estimated full labor cost due to the tile issues, for anyone concerned!

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