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Hi all!

I live in a mid-rise condo with a chilled water system and an air handling unit in my condo. The setup itself is original to the building (2008ish) and works fine, however the AC blower motor is extremely loud when powering on (and spools down loudly when it turns off).

Here is my air handler unit and blower motor: https://imgur.com/a/G8GxHXw

It appears to be a WEG Electric 7518OS1BRBOD56 (more information here) featuring:

  • 1 Phase

  • 3/4 (0.55) HP

  • 1745 RPM

  • 115/208-230V AC

  • 60 Hz

I have a video of the motor kicking on loudly, and then turning off.

So, does anyone know what my options are, or what your recommendations may be, for quiet-starting blower motors that would be an easy replacement? Is “soft-start” a thing? Thank you!

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