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Hi all, recently we had some plumbers come in and replace our sump pump and add new drainage in the basement. In the process, they needed to cut through some studs and drywall, as well as dig up some concrete. In the 3 photos below, you can see how it was left when they were done:


I’m pretty handy when it comes to home DIY work but I’ve never worked on any basement framing before, so I had a few specific questions:

  1. Which makes more sense to buy for this project; a hammer drill or ramset tool? I’ve been eyeing this Milwaukee M18 Hammer Drill because I can use it for other stuff and already have the batteries. The Ramset tool is cheaper but I’d likely only use it for this project and very seldom after that. Alternatively, I already have the M18 Drill but I’m guessing this wouldn’t work trying to drive into concrete without lots of swearing and effort.

  2. If I go the hammer drill route, what size masonry bits and tapcon screws are recommended? If Ramset route, which size nails and color caliber?


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