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I recently graded a small part of my backyard for an above ground pool. What I thought was a root turned out to be a wire. It’s a pretty thick sheathed wire with multiple internal wires. No conduit, just buried As-is.

A few points to note:

This is coming out from what is the middle of my house, going towards the woods at the back of my property, which is a conservation easement.

All utilities are in the front of my house (I didn’t do a call before you dig thing for this because I had them out last year for something else and they all confirmed there was nothing in the back of my house)

Former owners (owned the home from 1994 when it was built until 2012) had an invisible fence system for their dog. I’ve found other wires for this elsewhere but they were much thinner.

There is nothing going out of my basement (which is below grade) towards where this is.

It was buried 5-6″ but would be deeper the closer you get to my house.

Here are some pics: https://imgur.com/a/JSKHj1A

Any ideas what this could be for?

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