Refrigerator door is rusting on the outside. How can I repair the surface? : HomeImprovement

So my refrigerator’s exterior door is rusting and I don’t know how to repair it. I don’t know what to call the surface covering but there is a textured whiteish covering over the outside. Here is a picture of the surface to help visualize it.

Here’s the story: After a few months I noticed this super old fridge in my apartment had a few spots on the front. I assumed it was food-splatter initially. So the first step was obviously to wipe it with some cleaning product which made the spots smaller but they wouldn’t go away completely. I proceeded to scrub a little harder which I think that actually made it worse by exposing more of the underlying metal to open air, hence now I have more spots. Or at least that’s how I got to the conclusion of rusting. I fear that just scrubbing away won’t help me but I don’t know how to restore the initial textured surface. I have an idea or two as to preventing future rusting but not how to make the fridge door surface look like new(ish). Do you guys have any recommendations? I really don’t want to order a new door for it.

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