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I would like to remove the middle post from an overhead deck at my home. The post sits in the middle of a 15 foot span, supporting two 2×10 headers on 6×6 posts.


The contractor who built the home told me the post could be removed using a laminated engineered beam that would be 2x10x15 which would sit on the end posts and be attached to the existing header.

The contractor quoted me $3,500 to put this beam up. And I need to have this done twice, so $7,000. Material costs are less than $300.

I am capable of putting this beam up myself, but is there a way for me to calculate or determine whether the engineered beam that the contractor told me he would use would actually carry the load?

The overhead deck between the house and the headers is 10 feet wide, with 2×10 joists and Timbertech decking.

I appreciate any help that you can provide.

Thank you.


PS Hopefully the photo uploaded, if not I apologize and will try to fix shortly

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