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My sink has been draining very slowly and the drain plug is completely clear.

I bought a channel lock plier to remove the plastic nut (college student that’s renting, so not many tools with me), but even with a huge amount of force, as much as I can physically row, it’s not budging – and, the nut is getting stripped.

Here’s pictures of the predicament, where you can see the entire setup, the grip of the pliers, and the stripped nut. The upper nut is coming free by hand, but the bottom one is simply not moving. I’m applying a huge amount of force with a towel over it to try to prevent stripping, but it’s completely locked in. I am turning counter-clockwise, although in my desperation I also tried the other direction at the end (didn’t budge either way).

Is this thing glued in??? Who in the world would glue in a p-trap? I’d prefer to make do with what I have, but not opposed to getting more tools. At this rate I’m feeling like going at it with an angle grinder.

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