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I’m a bit lost when it comes to this stuff so I’m looking for some advice.

Moved into a new house last week and the room we are making the master bedroom was previously used as a hobby room for the owners train collection. Each wall had shelfs held up by brackets. Each bracket had a max 6 screws used to hold it in place. I lost count how many screws I took out the walls but it was close to 100.

This has left me with a large number of holes in the walls. Some screws would not budge so there are a few cravases where I had to cut the screws and knock them back.

If it was just one hole I would had just filled it, sanded and painted over it. But because there are so many I think I would need something more professional? Like replaster / skim? Not a clue, I might be over thinking it but would be great to get a second opinion.


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