Repairing a fairly unique scratch pattern on a wooden floor : HomeImprovement

My girlfriend and I just moved into a new place. In our old place, which was carpeted, my girlfriend used a plastic mat to protect the carpet from her desk chair wheels. This mat had lots of little plastic teeth to help it grip the carpet. You might be seeing where this is going.

She used the mat here without much thought, and over the last month it’s eaten tons of little indents into the wood. The teeth are tiny, barely a few mm, but the marks are plentiful and in a pattern making them very noticeable. I’ve attached a few pictures here.

I can’t tell if it’s bitten into the wood or if the damage is just to the varnish. Do we have options here beyond refinishing the whole floor? I know very little about this stuff, and my girlfriend is freaking out that we’re going to be liable to resurface the entire apartment because otherwise it won’t match.

I’d appreciate any input.

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