Replacing a deep ancient sump pump : HomeImprovement

Just moved in this sump pump looks downright medieval with that ring on it. Here are the facts.

30 year old house. Michigan

When I poured a bucket down it kicked on and drained the pit all the way.

Pit eventually leveled back up with water right right below or touching bottom edge of the pipe

Yes that is a foam bowl down there. I don’t have anything to fish it out yet.

Obviously I want to replace this asap as I feel like it’s just been lucky this thing still works

So what should I go with? I was thinking pedestal because it’s so deep and I can adjust the float easier and not have to worry about raising a submersible pump because the float is too low not to mention adjusting and testing the float when it’s so far down.

I have no idea if I’m making sense with my assumptions could you let me know if I sound like I know what I’m talking about and some suggestions?. Thanks

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