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My current asphalt driveway is in pretty rough shape, it has some deep ruts that make clearing snow a pain and water pools in places. I think it needs to be replaced.

To complicate things the driveway is a single car driveway that runs from the street to the attached garage that is at the back of the house. The driveway touches the house foundation on one side and the property line on the other, see this crude diagram. It’s not possible to move the driveway since it’s a narrow lot.

The side of the basement that abuts the driveway has some water seeping in from the foundation wall. I’m assuming water goes through the crack between the foundation wall and the driveway asphalt. The driveway sloped away from the foundation originally, and most of it still does, but it has sunk in spots.

What do I need to look out for when getting quotes here? Obviously the driveway should slope away from the foundation when it’s redone. Is there anything else that can help keep water away from the foundation though? How much slope should there be? Do I need some kind of drain between the house and driveway?

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