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I’m looking for some help on my kitchen remodel:

  1. I’m replacing an over the range microwave that is ducted to the outside with a wall mounted range hood, and I was hoping to use the same duct. The old duct is about 29.5” from the range top and is rectangular shape. Most of the install guides for new hoods show the bottom at 30-36” from the range, and the duct comes out the top, around 18” higher, so 48-54” from the range top. They also typically show a circular duct. I’d like the new hood to be as high as possible and still effective. Do they make wall mount range hoods that vent out essentially right at their bottom? Or is there no getting around needing to put in a new duct outlet?

  2. I’d like to install a new tile backsplash as well. My walls are painted matte/eggshell, with a knockdown (orange peel) texture on the dry wall. Is there a consensus on how best to tile over this textured surface? I’ve seen lots of competing options: fill in the texture with a thin layer of mortar and let dry, or scrape/sand off, or no need to prep if the paint is not shiny, etc. This is still in the kitchen and far from my sink, so I don’t think I need cement board, even for around a steamy range… right?


This is all on the first floor of my house in Colorado, built in 1999.

Thank you!

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