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Got a small powder room that I will renovate, checked lots of videos and looks doable (not changing the tiles for now) I bought a 24” vanity to replace the pedestal sink, however got a couple of challenges

1- I checked the wall behind the sink and there are no studs to attach the vanity to the wall! I think the current sink is glued to the wall as I checked and can’t find any screws. How do I attach the vanity, do I glue it or just attach it to drywall? I know there is plumbing in that wall too and even though I have a stud finder I am afraid of using long drywall screws

2- there is a base frame and quarter round, I think to get the vanity flush with the wall I need to cut it – buy an oscillator tool and cut near the legs

On a side note, I’m pretty sure the mirror is glued to the wall, any suggestion to remove it without damaging the drywall and having to redo it

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