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I’m trying to swap out the light switches in my home. Purchased the Gosund WiFi switches which the electrician installed for our new recessed lighting. I figured I could do the other ones which didn’t change.

So I opened up the switch after turning off the breaker for that one. Tested with a voltage tester to make sure no electricity. But I only see two wires going into the old light switch and this new one requires four.

Picture above. So there are a total of 4 black wires, two of which go into the light switch and the other two go into a wire nut. Then there are 3 white wires all of which go into a wire nut. And then 3 plain looking wire ones which also go into a wire nut.

I’m thinking the black and red on new switch need to be each be paired in a wire nut with the blacks currently in old switch. Then the white on new switch needs to be paired with a white in the wire nut, will take one out and put together in new nut. And then green needs to also be paired with one plain wire into a wire nut.

Can anyone confirm the above?


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