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Hi,we live in Seattle area in a 7-yo house with many, large, west-facing windows ( The main issue we have is that even in the winter when it’s 50F outside and it’s sunny, it might easily get to 80F inside and quite uncomfortable. In the fall to spring, we can cool down the house by opening the windows, but in the summary our mini-split AC cannot keep up and the house easily reaches 80F inside. The window glass says it’s “Cardinal 272, argon fill”, photo here

Here’s an interesting fact: we had one window glass replaced with essentially the same glass (272, but slightly thicker glass) and the new window glass is much cooler on thermal photo. On this photo, there are 3 different windows:- top-left: new glass, 28C- bottom: old glass, 35C- top-rigth: old glass with 3M film from previous owners, 47C. we have since removed most of the 3M film

The new glass somehow seems to heat up less, even though it should be basically the same. Why?

I’m thinking I could take one room (e.g., our master bedroom which is more separated from the rest of the house) and replace all 4 large windows to test if this helps.

And I’m wondering if I should go with the 366 glass which seems to have SHGC of 0.27 instead of 0.41 of the 272 glass.

Any thoughts on this appreciated.

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