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I posted a few weeks ago about restoring an old front door and I have now completed the project to great success! Photo album:

Tools used: Abatron LiquidWood & Wood Epoxy Restoration Kit ($50), putty knife, box cutter, palm sander, chisel.

I started by cutting out the top layer of rotted wood, it was a very thin veneer that easily flaked away. I removed the latex paint around the area as well, that easily ripped off. Then I conditioned the wood with liquid wood, including sticking some up into the layers of rotted wood along the bottom edge. Following package instructions, I waited until that was tacky and then applied the wood epoxy. I built it up along the cut edges so it would sand down nicely, and stuck some up the layers along the bottom as well as wrapping the epoxy around the edge. This cured overnight. The next day I sanded with 80 grit and it looked amazing! I could no longer get my fingers in between layers of rotted wood and when I pulled at it it all stayed together. I filled in some finger divots with regular wood filler, sanded again with 120 and cut the sides down to be square. Removed dust, removed the top layer of latex paint, primed, painted, rehung the door and we were done! You cannot tell that there were repairs, it looks perfectly integrated.

The hardest part of all of this was rehanging the door, the epoxy interfered with closing it so we had to cut some as we went to get it to fit. Using a chisel was very helpful to shave down the sides without disturbing the paint on the front.

I bought the Abatron kit based on a review I found that basically said that once your house is falling down at the end of its life, the last thing standing will be your Abatron epoxy repair. I used about half of the amount that came in the kit I am interested to see how it holds up against wear and tear over the years. Thanks to everyone who helped me figure out a course of action for this restoration!

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