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I bought a house in 2020 that had a bathroom reno’ in 2016. The inspector noticed a crack in the shower floor which he noted on the inspection, and we didn’t think it was a big deal. After using the shower a few times I noticed a slightly musty smell. I was concerned that the smell might be from water leaking through the grout/cracks and pooling somewhere in or around the liner (we have no signs of leaks etc). The room is well ventilated with an extractor fan.

However I’ve since come to understand that water passing in to and through the grout is not an issue, but expected? I am now also not convinced the shower is the source of the musty smell, how could we confirm or narrow down the source of the smell?

Unfortunately we live in town that is notorious for being overcharged by contractors so we’ve had everything from “you need a whole new bathroom that’s $30K please”, to “just regrout it”, so struggling to find reliable advice. One option has been demo’ the floor and lower 3ft of the tile, replace the cement and tile on the floor, and retile the lower portion of the wall, but several contractors have been cagey about taking on this project.

Any help is much appreciated, general advice on how to diagnose, or proceed? TIA!

Photos of shower floor:

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