Safe to hang 20kg mirror on hollow plasterboard? : HomeImprovement

I’m wanting to hang a mirror that I think is about 20kg, maybe a little heavier, on a plasterboard wall. I want to be reassured that even if I only fix it to “hollow” parts of the wall (i.e. don’t succeed in finding any of the vertical timbers) that it will be safe. For added uselessness, I don’t know the width of the wall!

I’m using hollow wall anchors like these, although the pack I have doesn’t explicitly say what is a safe weight to hang off. I plan to use two to mount the mirror from, maybe about 80cm apart. Im in the UK if that has any implications about the exact nature of the wall or anything like that.

Sorry I can’t be more helpful with the details but does this generally sound like “oh, that’s fine!” to you more experienced guys and gals, or something that I should investigate further? Thanks in advance!

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