Safe to open up crawlspace access hole? : HomeImprovement

A house we recently bought has this access hole for the crawl space where the water heater and furnace/ducting are located (album here).

The only reason it’s even this big in the photos is because I tore out the 2×4’s that were acting as a frame for the door panel someone built as we’re having a water heater installed today and it’s literally only going to fit by like 1 inch. It’s also just a huge pain in the ass to crawl in and out of.

Is it generally safe to knock out the foundation to a rectangle, ending where the acute corner is right now? I’m thinking it’ll be fine and that the odd shape was simply due to the shape of the ground, which now has plenty of room to open it up and put something more proper there. I’m just hoping for a sanity check before I start putting in to much planning.


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