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We recently bought a 4yo house. I believe the previous owners purchased it new. They did a few odd things around the house, but for the most part it’s in great shape. (As I would expect, only being built in 2016.)

I decided to swap all the incandescent, CFL, and halogen bulbs to LEDs to cut down on our electric bill. They were nearly all 60W and 72W bulbs, and I changed out 30+ bulbs from a ton of fixtures. One fixture had an exploded halogen bulb in it that shouldn’t have been in there to begin with. But, otherwise so far, so good. For the most part…

I came across a fixture that showed odd signs. Bulb bases were blackened and had a fairly foul odor. Something like burnt rats. The center post of this fixture (it’s the round kind with the glass half dome on the ceiling) also had blackening. Lastly, the screws holding up the fixture to the ceiling had rusty heads, as did the very top of the threaded center post.

I’m concerned about potential previous water damage or roof leaks. I know the owners had some roof repairs or replacement done due to hail storms a year or two ago. The fixtures all work just fine. The sockets all looked in good shape. But, I’m wondering if the blackened bases and localized rust should be a concern.

r/HomeImprovement gurus, what’s the consensus? Potential issue? Yeah or nay?

Here’s a pic of one of the bulbs.

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