Should I get the contractor to come back and reseal my butcher block counter? : HomeImprovement

We recently had a bathroom renovated with a local company who handled design through completion of the project. They offered the option of a butcher block counter, and mentioned that it would take a little more maintenance than laminate but ensured me they would seal it properly. I liked the aesthetic so I agreed. We’re about 2 months out from project completion and I just noticed that there is staining around the faucet base (mounted to the counter behind the vessel sink) and where our soap dispenser was sitting on the counter. This is from little drips that happen when we turn the water on and off- we’ve wiped up any spills or major spots. Does this mean it was sealed/finished poorly, or is this what I should expect of a wooden bathroom countertop, and I made a bad call in choosing this option? Pics: I also noticed the backsplash is not sealed… is that something that you guys would consider part of the job? I believe we are still within their warranty period so I could ask them to come back and fix it, but I wanted some second opinions first. Thanks in advance!

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