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Obligatory, long time lurker first time posting. We have recently purchased a home (Massachusetts) and are prioritizing projects around the house. I’m hoping this community can help me with some questions about grout/caulk in the shower of the primary bathroom.

At first glance, the shower looks good — updated compared to much of the rest of the house — but the grout and caulk give me pause. I’m not sure if it’s just sloppy, if it needs attention, or if we really need to dig into and rework the grout/caulk.

My main concern is the use of grout in the corners. Not just that it exists (I know there are differing opinions on this), but that it is chipping out in some sections. I’m also not sure if it is sealed in any way as it changes color and stays damp some time after a shower. Compounding my worry is that I have zero experience with tile or grout work. Is this something I should worry about and what is the most practical way to remedy this?

My second concern is the caulk between the tub and the walls. It is overdone and sloppy in most places, cracking in others. I’m sure I can handle caulk and silicone, but I would certainly appreciate suggestions and tips from this community around removal and application.

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