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Hi everyone, I’m struggling to know what to with a shower niche in a house I bought. At the back right hand corner on the bottom there seems to be a small hole in the backer board and water is leaking down if water gets in it. I think the shower niche is done very badly especially at the bottom as you can see the tiles are quite deep and I have no idea if the previous owner put waterproof membrane under the tiles.There also is no slope towards the tub.

Up until now we have put a towel in that section incase anything splashes from the tub and when we clean the niche we use a damp cloth instead of flowing water. The issue I have is I’m moving away for a while and I’m going to be renting a house and I worry the new tenants won’t be as careful.

I think I have two options to fix the bottom, one put waterproof silicon between each little tile and at any plane change. That will at least stop water getting down onto the backer board. However it doesn’t do anything with the lack of a slant towards the tub. The second option is remove the tiles, put waterproof membrane ensure there is a slope and put back the tiles. That is not my prefered option. If I do go that route should For that should I use caulk or grout ?


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