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I had a new sliding glass door installed by contractors through home depot recently, and I have multiple issues with the installation that I’d like to hear others’ opinions on before I speak to the home depot department supervisor tomorrow. Basically, I’d like to know what’s considered “normal” from an installation like this, how much of an issue these things actually are, and what needs to be done to fix these problems.

First and most importantly, there is about a half-inch to quarter-inch gap between the trim and the wall on one side of the door, as well as along the top of the door. Secondly, the newly bought trim has light to moderate damage everywhere, 90% of it seems to be scuff marks that could be painted over, but a few spots have gouges and knicks taken out of it from what looks like hammer blows. I was told on the phone upon first calling that the wear to the trim is a normal part of the installation process and I just am supposed to paint the trim, but that smells of bull to me, I paid for and expected a finished product. Thirdly, there is slight damage and cracks in the drywall around the installation area that were not repaired. Finally, the trim along the top of the door is bowed, it’s not very noticeable, but I confirmed that it’s bowed downwards with a level. The bowed trim normally wouldn’t have been that much of a problem, but it’s just another straw on top of everything that’s bothering me.

I’ll include pictures below of everything, please tell me what you guys think. Would you demand all new trim be installed? What needs to be done about the gaps between the door and the wall? Should they have repaired the drywall damage?

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