Small hardwood floor landing in the foyer (about 3’x5′). Can I refinish by hand? : HomeImprovement

Hello everyone, thanks for looking at my post. I have a small hardwood floor right at the entry of my new house. I wanted to stain it a darker color to match the new vinyl kitchen flooring we’re putting in. Right now it’s a light/medium brown hardwood. Problem is, it’s only about 3′ x 5′. Everything I see online says to get a big ass drum sander and big ass floor buffer to do the job. But the area is so small that those would barely even fit in that area. Wondering if I could just use a handheld sander to do the sanding, and do they even have handheld buffers – this is all I could find on Home Depot So yeah, looking for advice on how to do it myself with some elbow grease instead of renting big huge sanders for about 15 sq ft. Sorry no pics but can add some later if need be but I feel like the post is pretty straightforward.


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