So… I tried patching my own drywall. How do i fix my horrible job : HomeImprovement

I’m an electrician by trade and wanted to flip my living room. I wanted to add an outlet a few feet over for my eventual entertainment center and one up the wall for behind the tv. That part was easy, but repairing the drywall… not so much. See pic.

How do i fix these horrible joints? I just bought the mesh tape and slapped that on, put on mud, sanded it, textured it, and painted it. Obviously didn’t sand it well enough.

I’m thinking peel off tape, uncover all joints. Sand down the drywall, buy proper paper tape. Mud, paper tape, mud. Sand much longer and better. Retexture. Paint.

Or should I just hire a professional at this point? It’ll mostly be covered by furniture though, so i’m not crazy worried about it. But this is such a hack job. How much would someone charge to do this right for me?

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