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I have a water softener, discharging currently to septic, and plan on putting in a backwash water filter also. I need a way to drain both to outdoors to the dry well that I plan on having installed, and this sketch is my idea:

For cost/ease purposes, I can’t have the beginning of the pipe to the dry well below the frost line (New England), and I think this way will prevent freezing/backups. With the air gap and stand pipe, everything should drain down before freezing, and an oversized drain pipe outdoors can be some wiggle room. The garage should stay above freezing temps, and I plan on routing them so anything getting freezing temp exposure is sloped downward to drain.

Is this a viable way to get around having to stay below the frost line (36”+), and having to excavate under a porch and drill my foundation? Will a reputable dry well installer agree to this?

Any tips are appreciated. Thanks

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