Spot fixing chipped and discolored hardwood finish?? : HomeImprovement

I have hardwood floors that were refinished ~30ish years ago. 95% of the floor is in pretty great condition, but the high traffic areas are looking a little rough. Photos Here. The dark spots are where the finish has chipped, and the underneath exposed wood has become discolored? I’d love to try to sand and refinish this spot in the entryway that looks terrible, and was just wondering if anyone had any advice before I jump in. Is this a bad idea? I’m not going to do the whole floor, nor pay to get it done. I know it probably won’t seamlessly blend in, but isn’t that better than the dark blotches? I was thinking to sand and test finish a spot under the couch first.

Also, any ideas on what the original finish is? I’m told that it was originally lighter and has yellowed over the years. I think it’s either oil based poly or varnish because I’ve read those chip.

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