Stairway to confusion

We recently pulled up carpets from the second floor and stairs. We put vinyl in upstairs and plan to paint the stairs. When we pulled off the carpet from the stairs we noticed the top step was wonky. There was a bull nose kind of nailed to the where you’d expect the top tread to be. There was a sizable gap between the bullnose and the plywood of the flooring and they had put in some shams and glue.

We since learned you need to put the flooring down from the stairs and work toward the wall, so the vinyl on the landing will be pulled up and put back in correctly after this top step issue is resolved.

What’s the right way to fix this? I want to make sure the step is sturdy and stable, and I want to make sure it meets up evenly with the existing floor and that we can put vinyl down the right way. I took a bunch of pics, but if you guys need something else, please let me know.

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