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Hello! We have a laundry room where we assume the previous owners removed a utility sink, but left the pipes sticking out (for some reason? maybe to reattach a sink in the future if needed?)

However, because it’s IN the laundry room and it’s a small room, we keep knocking them around with baskets etc getting in and out of the machines, which can’t be good and might cause leaks in our future.

Any creative ideas on how to protect them from being knocked? We weren’t going to remove them in case we wanted to stack the washer dryer and re-add a utility sink in the future (currently debating between one here or one in the garage, or both). (Any ideas on reworking the laundry space to be more usable are welcome – we hate how small it is and how we can’t reach the cabinets, but love the laundry hanging bar since it’s over a vent!)

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