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After filling up in February, I’ve decided it would be a good idea to add additional heating oil storage to my house. NYS is very confusing when navigating fire and environmental codes because all websites presume you mean New York City code and upstate is always a second thought.

All of my oil storage is above ground, and I am not interested in digging for an underground tank. Aside from the liability, digging that deep on my property requires explosives. From what I understand, I can keep a maximum of 660 gallons in one building and a maximum of 1100 gallons on site Without registering my propetas a storage facility. So I could theoretically keep my 550 gallons of tankage in my basement, and place 550 gallons of tankage in my detached garage. The garage has an oil fired wall heater, but no tankage as it was removed prior to us purchasing. So my solution would be to run a 100 foot transfer hose across the driveway and refill my house tanks in the middle of winter. But I would rather just have an extra tank in the house.

Anyone more familiar with oil tank laws in NY?

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