Subcontractor installed a sink and countertop…wondering if this looks right. : HomeImprovement

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Subcontractor installed our countertop and sink and I’m wondering if this looks right. It’s leaking (slow drip) in 3-4 spots and down into our basement. Drop ceiling down there, so it is just dripping onto a ceiling tile (which already has water spots showing through) luckily but still. The wall tube literally runs up at an angle – certainly doesn’t seem ideal, but is that an issue? Also he used a flex-tube drop down from off the sink and it makes running water noise. Am I right to feel pissed that I’m paying for our kitchen reno and this is what I’m getting? Guy was a huge dick too, so that doesn’t help the situation (didn’t wear a mask, let my cat outside and straight up refused to close the door because he “had to be able to get in and out”).

Obviously going to talk to the main contractor tomorrow, just trying to gauge the situation.

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