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New Faucet

When I moved in here almost three years ago, I promised myself that I would be changing the kitchen faucet with low flow and a poor handle design within a month, two at the most. So anyway, I finally did it! Ordered a refurbished Delta faucet (they’re running a May sale!), watched several Youtube videos, and practiced the appropriate curse words. Lessons learned:

  1. Plumbers apparently are all triple jointed, because even after finishing I’m still not sure how I managed to get my arms to bend in the required fashion to reach everything. Also not sure if it would have been easier with more or fewer fingers.

  2. If you are planning a project and experience, even for a moment, the idle thought of “should I turn off that circuit breaker?”, the answer is yes. Always yes. When flushing the supply lines, despite carefully placing the bucket, as soon as I turned on the water the faucet tube decided it was trying out for a dance reality show and proceeded to soak most of the cabinet, including the outlet box for the dishwasher and disposal. No fires resulted, and we’re waiting to hear back from the show producers. (Yes I had turned off the circuit first.)

  3. Don’t start a project when you have a short deadline. Began at 4pm, figured it would take an hour at most, then I could use the new faucet as I was cooking dinner. When I finished at 7pm, I was barely coherent enough to use a fork to maneuver cold leftovers to my mouth. To be fair, a good portion of this time was occupied by lying on my back under the sink staring upwards with a flashlight, wondering how on earth it was possible to get my hand where it needed to be. There was also the 10 minute break where I sat quietly on the outside steps and meditated while reminding myself that I am a competent adult and can figure this out myself, dammit. Then the 10 minutes when I called my handyman uncle to plaintively ask how the hell I was supposed to do this myself.

  4. Tears of frustration are a surprisingly effective lubricant when it comes to removing rusted over parts.

  5. I would like to shake the hand of the brilliant soul who invented the basin wrench. God bless.

But hey…it’s done. And no, I didn’t spam text everyone I know afterwards with a picture and a “look what I did!” comment, why do you ask?

(Also, Delta support was kinda awesome – I thought I was missing a part, called them up at 4pm on a Friday, and they answered the phone immediately and the guy spent 10 minutes double checking everything before confirming that I was not, in fact, missing anything.)

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