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TLDR nut from tub spout has rusted onto pipe. How do I get it off?

So, the shower diverter in my tub spout broke. Quick fix, remove the old one and just replace the whole spout, right? Well unfortunately my spout is some sort of plastic and this nut from it has rusted onto the pipe so I can’t get a new one on. So I ordered a replacement diverter, had it overnighted. It doesn’t fit because the spout is old and not standard.

So now I need to get this rusty nut off the end of the pipe and get it cleaned up so I can put a new spout on so I can finally shower again. I have five kids in a one bathroom house so baths are getting really annoying.

I’ve been using PB Blaster on it a couple times a week but I’ve not been getting anywhere with getting it loosened up.

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