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Pics of said patio.

Problem: I rent an apartment in a Chicago 3-flat which includes a personal patio at each level and a shared staircase. I’d like to make use of my patio and put some furniture out there, and I’d like my two German Shepherds to hang out with me. They are NOT friendly with the other dogs in the apartments above and below me. (They are friendly with people.)

Solution: Put a temporary fence up that runs from the outside wall of the apartment to the inside wall of other side of the patio. Fence will be placed on the other side of the door from the stairwell, which should allow plenty of room for the neighbors and their dogs to go up and down the stairs. As an added bonus, this should help prevent the puppy upstairs from shitting in the middle of my patio.

The fence should be tall enough that my dogs can’t hop over it, and sturdy enough that they can’t Kool-Aid Man their way through it if they hear the other dogs. I’d like them to not even see through it ideally. I would like a gate so I can easily get in/out of the enclosure, but I can work with something I have to manually move if necessary. Because of these restrictions, and the width of the patio at 90″, dog gates are out of the question.

The gate must be set up in a way that does not damage the property, so no drilling holes into the walls or floor, and ideally shouldn’t be so astronomically heavy that it threatens the integrity of the patio.

I was thinking I could get 36″-ish high plastic or wooden panels, but I’m stumped at how to affix them or make them stand on their own.

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