The Texas Freeze… Still no hot water for me and the family. Need advice

FYI I didn't set up this outdoor water heater but we moved in to the house Nov 2018.

So this all started when we had a week of snow and ice here in Texas. Once it started to thaw out I had to turn off my water main because water was flowing under my pier and beam home. I got myself a handyman to help and we fixed all the PVC pipes under the home. Once we turned on the water main we found the new problem! It's the dang Rheem Performance Plus 8.4 GPM because if I turn off the valve cutting off the main water from entering the water heater I get full pressure to all sinks and showers.

Now the main problem is I need to buy the same unit because I don't want to have to change out the connections. I called Home Depot and they don't "Carry it in store so we can't order it for you, maybe check online" So I checked on line and they told me they are out of stock! Ok well surely the manufactures website would sell it to me right!?!? NOPE! The only one I can find is on E-Bay. So my question is what would you do in this situation? Is there another one that I could buy that has those same connections? Yes I will be building an enclosure to properly insulate the damn pipes for the next time it gets sub zero temps here.

Model #: ECO180XLN3

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